• Saturday

Ross Wilson and The Peaceniks

Now Listen! Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks deliver a blistering set of hits from 5 decades of his spectacular career as singer, songwriter and producer. Two time ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Ross Mr Eagle Rock” Wilson continues to have a 'Hell Of A Time' while 'Living In The Land Of Oz'. Always believing 'Ego Is Not A Dirty Word', the Skyhooks and Jo Jo Zep producer hasn't stayed 'Living In the 70's', but continued moving like 'The Fugitive Kind' through the 'Summer of 81' into the 21st Century. When the 'Chemistry' is right to 'Come Back Again'he'll get up off his 'Bed Of Nails', bring 'A Touch of Paradise' to your 'Cool World' and sooth your 'State of the Heart' by practicing 'Primitive Love Rites' in your 'Primal Park'Wilson's song 'I Come In Peace' becamJoe Cocker’s last hit single. So, with 'No Time' to lose, 'Come Said The Boy' to a Ross Wilson show.