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Possessing the kind of voice that stops you in your tracks, WILSN makes classic soul music with a contemporary approach and a healthy dose of raw power. Originally hailing from Geelong, WILSN, AKA Shannon Busch, moved to Melbourne out of high school to study Jazz at the city's prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. Upon signing a publishing deal with Pulse, she relocated to America and spent two years in writing rooms with Grammy Award winning writers honing her craft, before being asked to join The Teskey Brothers on their 2019 UK/Europe tour. Moving back home to Melbourne at the start of 2020 she began recording anew with producer Stephen Charles (BLESSED, Tyne-James Organ). These sessions birthed her debut album Those Days Are Over which was released through Ivy League Records in Australia and Virgin Records in the US and UK/EU. Full of jaw-dropping vocal performances, the record exciting fusion of modern soul, pop, jazz and Motown and has all the hallmarks of an instant classic.

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