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Harry Manx

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The New York Times called him ‘deliciously addictive’ and said when you listen to Harry Manx ‘you are listening to an original.’ Seven-time Maple Blues award winner, Folk Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, six Juno nominations.....welcome to the Harry Zone. Harry Manx has spent years fusing eastern musical traditions with the blues, switching effortlessly between conventional guitars, harmonica, and banjo and the decidedly different Mohan veena, a 20-stringed instrument invented by Manx’ Indian mentor Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. Manx is often referred to as the “Mysticssippi” Blues Man because musically Harry lives where the depth of Indian music meets the deep groove of the Blues. Blend Indian folk melodies with slide guitar blues, add a sprinkle of gospel and some compelling grooves and you’ll get Manx’s unique “mysticssippi” flavour. It’s hard to resist and keeps audiences coming back for more. Downbeat Magazine said that “Manx’s real talent lies in creating a place where Blues and Indian Classical are a seamless fit”. Billboard Magazine called Harry “Canada’s most expressive Blues player”. "Canadian guitarist Harry Manx knows his instrument the way most men know their television remote controls.” Time Out, New York City "Like a lot of top singer songwriters Harry projects an intimacy & old friend quality from artist to listener … “ Billy Hutchinson, Blues Matters!

“Watching Harry play tonight I feel like I learned something new …. ” Bruce Springsteen (after seeing Harry perform “I’m On Fire” at the International Guitar Festival in NYC)

“Harry’s real skill lays in creating a rare musical place where blues, country, folk and Indian classical music co-exist as some spirit force” Frank Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

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