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Thursday 2 April to Monday 6 April 2015
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Fat Freddys Drop

It’s been said that ‘It’s impossible not to love Fat Freddy’s Drop.’ ( DJ Magazine, UK) and we couldn’t agree more. Wellingtons very own seven-headed soul powerhouse has never stuck to a script, constantly evolving their sound to something that is impossibly infectious.

Taking a step closer to touchdown, 'Silver And Gold' is the first single from Fat Freddy's Drop's forthcoming studio album 'Blackbird' dropping early 2013. 'Silver And Gold' neatly summarises what to expect from 'Blackbird' - a typically all-encompassing mix of blues, dub and dance music.

Fat Freddy's Drop’s pirate soul train has seen them beat a resolutely independent path to the ears and feet of audiences around the globe for over a decade. Their restless creativity draws inspiration from almost every part of the black music lexicon. Soul drenched vocals and jazz harmonies collide with tape delays and echo chambers, underpinned by a rhythm section as comfortable laying down a throbbing, techy soundscape as they are a swampy blues stomp.

“...the Drop play it with such passion that people can’t help but be drawn into their realm. Their rhythms are truly infectious, to the point that even the staunch UK security teams started stomping their feet...” - NZ News, UK

13 years into their career they maintain the highest selling independently released album in New Zealand’s music history (9 x Platinum). ‘The songs are long, spacious, jam-packed with great musical ideas, and supremely soulful. There’s no category for this band; they’re simply one of the finest, most original bands in the world today.’ - Global A Go-Go, USA

If their last 2 legendary performances at Bluesfest and their regular sold out tours across the seven seas is anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of a party.




 Fat Freddy's Drop

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