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Market Stall Terms and Conditions and Application For 2017

Welcome to the Bluesfest Market Stall - Terms and Conditions and Application form.

The 28th Annual Bluesfest will be celebrated at our home at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay, during the Easter weekend from 13th – 17th April 2017. Bluesfest celebrates this extraordinary event with 20,000 festival patrons per day and 5,000 campers over the entire weekend.

Bluesfest has developed strong relationships with local community vendors and interstate operators. Many vendors working with us are considered to be part of our Bluesfest family and we work together to ensure our patrons not only celebrate incredible music but also have a diverse range of original designs to add to their overall festival experience.

With so many original and unique designs already part of the family we are always looking for something different as well as new vendors that have experience and understanding of what it is like to work at a 5 day festival such as Bluesfest.

Please read through the below information carefully. Bluesfest receives approximately 100 applications each year with only 50 positions available. Your application is the key to being considered for a position on site and potentially joining the Bluesfest family in 2017.

Thank you for your time.


Shelley & Angela

Bluesfest Stalls Team

1 Application Process

1.1 Completing your application

Your Market Stalls application must be completed as follows:

  • Online: Only applications submitted via the Bluesfest website will be accepted.
  • Application form: Available at the end of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Print for your records: Please print a copy of the application before submitting, for your records.
  • Email confirmation: Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email from us confirming we have your details in the system.
  • Supporting material: After applying online you must also provide supporting material by mail prior to the application deadline.
  • Closing date: The closing date for applications is Wednesday 30th November 2016.

Please note that applications that do not supply printed copies and supporting material will not be included in the application process.



1.2 General Information

Goods Sold

It is Bluesfest management’s dedicated intention to provide a diverse selection of stalls that do not compete or conflict with each other’s potential sales on site and provide an alternative experience for our patrons. The importance of the information provided in your application is essential to the overall selection of market stalls on site.

To reduce duplication, only goods that are listed on the Market Application Form can be sold. Australian designed, made or handcrafted and specialist local/regional products and art will be given preference over partially Australian designed, manufactured or fully imported items.

Stall location

The location of Stalls on the Festival site depends on various criteria (such as ecological restrictions, products offered) and will be decided by the Festival Management.

Market stalls are located within each of the three areas on site.

You will not be advised of your location on site until the pre-festival stallholders meeting prior to the festival registration, to be held on (TBC April) 2017.


All Stalls and floors will be supplied by the Festival with the costs included in the Stall fee. Unfortunately we cannot provide awnings with the structure. You are permitted to attach your own awning to the structure but you must submit clear representation as to how you will do this before the festival set up.

Stall dimension

Each stall is limited to 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m. A small area behind your allocated space can be used for storage but must be approved by stalls managers and work with all surrounding stalls in the allocated area.

Visual Appearance

Your stall set up and signage can make the difference to successful festival trade. Colourful decoration with friendly atmosphere in a manner that compliments the Festival and reflects the products on sale is encouraged. The Stall must be clean and presentable at all times. Clear signage with your business name is required for all stalls and essential patrons to remember who you are.


Nominated site boundaries must be observed and goods, equipment and supplies are to be displayed within this area only.

It is not acceptable to encroach onto the walkways with products.

All racks, umbrellas and tables must be part of and attached to the actual Stall structure and must not impact the pedestrian thoroughfare or impede on the neighbouring Stalls boundaries.

Everything in or around the Stall must be securely anchored and capable of withstanding strong winds and weather conditions.


An area for Stallholder parking will be available on site but space is limited and your vehicle must be in before 10:00am and will not be able to leave until after 11.30pm. The location will be advised once you arrive on site for stall registration.

Alternatively general Festival parking areas allow for ease of vehicle access and departure at the end of the day. Please visit our website for further details.


It is the Stall Holder’s responsibility to book his/her accommodation; no camping is permitted within your Stall. An area will be set aside for Stall Holders to camp in but is only available to Stallholders who live outside of the Byron Shire area. The reduced fee applies per person and must be booked and paid for as part of this application fee. Due to space limitation early booking is essential.

No alcohol or glass is permitted on or within your stall or camping space. Failure to comply will ensure instant removal from the site by security and/or police, plus loss of bond.


All Stalls are required to carry a Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least $10 million and must have Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd, ABN 76 146 130 501 noted in the policy as an interested party, indicating coverage until after the lead-out for the event.

All Stall holders must cover their workers with a Work Cover Insurance policy in accordance with the Work Cover recommendations.

Copies of the Certificates must be forwarded before full acceptance of your application can be confirmed.

It is the responsibility of Stall Holders to possess adequate Property Damage Insurance for their own property used at the Festival.


It is advised that each stall bring small padlocks and lock their stall at the end of each day.

Professional licensed security including night patrols operate 24 hours over the Event (times are adjusted on Set-up and Pack-up days).

Stallholders may remove stock/equipment each night if you wish and it is suggested you remove expensive items and daily takings each night. Please ensure your stall is closed and secured at the end of each day.

All effort is made to secure the site but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any person or goods whether or not that loss, damage or injury arises from the negligence of staff or agents of Bluesfest.

NSW Police with sniffer dogs will also be patrolling the site at all times and have permission to enter your stall or campsite if required.

1.3 Additional Infrastructure


One 10 amp outlet will be provided per stall at no additional charge. Bluesfest operates generators, which use bio diesel, petrol or diesel. Electricity for Market Stalls is for evening/night lighting only. All Stalls are asked to keep consumption to the absolute minimum.

Electrical equipment

Each Stall holder will provide their own lights, leads and power boards. These must be water resistant, named and maintained above ground.

All lights must be in safe working order and all leads are tested, dated and tagged by a registered electrician.

Any damage caused by electrical over-consumption/overload or misuse will attract penalties or forfeiture of bond. (Note: Bluesfest electrician will not repair faulty Stall equipment).

Fire extinguishers

All stalls must have a tagged and dated fire extinguisher or fire blanket located within your stall area at all times.


Please help to conserve precious resources, reduce all retail and bulk packing and/or remove it from the site and dispose of it correctly. Only biodegradable paper or cloth carry bags are to be used.

The Bluesfest site is a GLASS FREE Zone.

Any garbage left on site or damage to the stall or equipment provided will immediately forfeit the returnable bond.

Bluesfest is a waste-wise event and the Festival site is a glass and disposable plastic bag free zone.

1.4 Stallholder Staff

The stalls department for Bluesfest has approximately 700 people on site and we require your full participation in ensuring that all procedures are followed diligently by everyone. You as the owner/manager of your stall are 100% responsible for your staff and their behaviour.

If you or any of your staff breach any of the terms and conditions during the advised period of the festival you the stall owner/manager will be held fully responsible and accountable, will be removed from the site and your bond will be retained by the festival.

Access Passes

The information provided regarding your staff must be completed with all details before any wristbands will be appointed. This must include full name, address and identification details such as license or passport. No details, no wristbands.

It is the Stall Holders responsibility to advise all personnel regarding the allocation of wristbands and copies of the WHS and site rules before arrival on site. All staff must carry photo ID and wear their wristbands at all times during the Festival.

Staff may have access to the site during festival after 9am via the North gate only. Please note: No wristband, no access.

  • Staff with loose wristbands will be removed from site for the remainder of the event.
  • Lost wristbands will not be replaced and repurchase will be required at gate price.
  • Faulty or broken wristbands will not be replaced without the broken wristband.
  • Stalls wristbands are made of appropriate material so they can be left on under all circumstances for the duration of your time on the festival grounds.

Set up and pack down staff

You must provide us with a completed list of all staff and their details for pre festival and pack down prior to the event. If someone is dropping off a staff member they will not be given access to the site and will need to be dropped off at the allocated area.

No persons will have access to the site without these details, under any circumstances.

Staff payments

It is recommended by Bluesfest that all stallholders pay their staff award rates in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman. For more information you may contact the Fair Work Ombudsman at

1.5 Site Restrictions & Regulations

Stallholders must ensure a safe work environment as per NSW Safety regulations.

Stall holders are personally responsible for any damage caused by them, the staff or the property on site. Immediate removal from site of the stall and staff will occur upon any breach of the terms and conditions with loss of bond as defined by Festival Management.

Stallholders are to take direction by the Stalls Manager, site crew and festival management

Bluesfest, Council Officers, Fire Safety Officers and Security reserve the right to inspect Stall premises at any time and request presentation of all relevant documentation.

Bluesfest Pty Ltd will not be liable for any damage whatsoever that is the result of implied or expressed breaches or malpractice of any level of Government Authority or Festival regulations.


  • No children under 18 are to be on site during set up or pack down at any time. Any stallholder arriving with a child will not be given access to the site during this time.
  • No camping within your stall area.
  • No amplified music.
  • No pets or livestock.


  • No parking on site during set-up and pack-up.
  • No vehicle access allowed during Festival Hours.
  • No deliveries by truck or forklift.
  • No driving on grass.
  • Do not drive faster than walking pace.

No alcohol, glass or aggressive behaviour is permitted within your stall, camping area or event site. Any stallholder found with alcohol on their persons whilst on duty or within the stall perimeters will incur loss of bond plus immediate closure of stall and instant removal by on site Police and security

2 Fees and Charges

2.1 Market Stall Fees

Market Stall Fees are based on the types of goods sold. Fees are subject to change and are listed in the Market Stalls Application form. The following costs are included in the stall fee:

  • Flooring. All Bluesfest stalls have flooring provided.
  • Electrical. Power charges are included in the stall fee.
  • Garbage. Waste costs are included in the stall fee.

2.2 Owner & Staff Fees

Stall owners are provided with 3 festival passes only for a 3mx3m stall and 4 festival passes for a 6mx3m stall. Any additional staff passes will be charged at the reduced stallholder fee as listed in the Application form. Lost or unwanted tickets are not refundable or replaceable.

2.3 Security Bonds

A security bond is required from all stall applicants. A cheque for $500.00 is due once your application has been accepted. The bond is not part of your stall fee but will be held as a deposit until the conclusion of the festival.

At the conclusion of the Festival the Site Manager will inspect stall areas and provide a report indicating the release/withhold of the bond. Bonds will be returned soon after the Festival. Any forfeiture of bond or deducted fines will be advised.

2.5 Stall Damage

Any damage to the stall structure or floor incurred during the festival must be reported immediately to the stall manager. No cutting of the structure to hang signs or racks is permissible and will incur charges of up to $1000. Any dye stains from flags or clothing will incur loss of bond.

2.5 Invoicing and Payments

Tax invoiceswill be issued by Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd for payment and will be sent to you via email. Receipts of payment are generally not supplied.

Payments are to be made to Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd by one of the following methods:



Please post all payments to:

Stalls Manager

Bluesfest Pty. Ltd

P.O. Box 1606

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Internet banking:

Account details provided with invoice

Full payment is required before (tbc) January 2017.

2.6 Cancellation

Any cancellations by Stall holders:

a. After application and up to 30 days prior to the Festival will result in the bond being retained.

b. Less than 30 days prior to the Festival will result in forfeiture of the bond and an additional 50% of the total site fee.

Receipts of payment are generally not supplied.If a Stallholder is unable, due to weather or any other force majeur event, to conduct and operate their stall, Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd has no liability or obligation to refund their deposit or Stall fees.

2.7 Termination

In the event Stall holders breach this agreement in any way, Bluesfest Management reserves the right to terminate this agreement forthwith and take possession of the Stall area without notice to you.

Bluesfest Management reserves the right to cancel or expel any Stall holder or staff at any time.


3 Communication

Bluesfest has provided you with as much information as possible to ensure you understand what is required from Bluesfest Stall holders to be successful applicants and work with us at this fabulous event.

Unless stated otherwise, all communication is via Email or telephone. Stall holders are required to maintain a permanent and reliable communication with the Festival Stall Manager. Delayed response to urgent matters may cause cancellation from the Stall holders list.

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