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Food Stalls

Applications for Food Stalls have now closed. Thank you to all who sent in their applications.

All applicants will be notified by email no later than 14th January 2014

If successful, you will receive a notification by email. You will be advised of any additional paperwork required and full payment must be made before final confirmation and stall registration is complete.
In the event your application is unsuccessful, your deposit cheque/money order as well as other supporting information will be returned to you via the post.


Welcome to the 25th Annual Bluesfest Food Stall Terms and Conditions and Application

Bluesfest is one of the largest regional events in Australia and the biggest festival of Blues and roots Music in the Southern hemisphere. Our 25th annual Bluesfest will be celebrated at our home at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay, during the Easter weekend from 17th April - 21st April 2014. Bluesfest celebrates this extroadinary event with 17,500 festival patrons per day and 4500 campers over the entire weekend.

Over the last 24 years Bluesfest has proudly established a reputation for not only incredible entertainment but diverse, high quality and delicious food stalls from all over the world. It is our intention to continue to provide Food Stalls that offer a variety of enjoyable and high quality food and drinks whilst being affordable and nutritious to Festival patrons. 

Experienced Food stall operators are invited to apply for a coveted position as one of the stalls on site at the 25th annual Bluesfest, held over the Easter weekend from Thursday 17th April to Monday 21st of April 2014 at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay.

Please read through the Terms and Conditions carefully before completing your application. 

Application Process

Only applications submitted online via the Bluesfest website will be considered. Application forms are available at the end of these Terms and Conditions. 

Once you have completed the online application form, hard copies of the additional supporting material plus bond must be received before the deadline.

NB: Applications that do not supply the supporting material will not be considered for 2014.

A Bond of $750.00 (cheque only) is required at time of application. The cheque will be held as a bond only and not be cashed by the Bluesfest before the festival.

The closing date for the Applications is 30th November 2013.

Note: You must be the registered and licensed owner and principal operator of the Stall and on site for the duration of the festival, including set up and pack down.

Selection Process

Bluesfest has strict standards in regards to ecological operations . All vendors must use biodegradeable products at all times.

Selection of Stalls is based on the information you provide to us and factors we take into consideration when selecting Stalls for Bluesfest include:

  • diversity and variety of menus
  • information and required paperwork supplied with application
  • quality and attractiveness of your stall
  • experience with working on large scale festivals

Please include a thorough and detailed description of your Stall, menu items and festival experience. All applications must include diagrams of the intended layout and photos of each menu item. Please include any other additional material that will assist in the assessment of your application and continuation through the application process.

Some Stall Applications may not be accepted mainly for reasons of duplication and limited numbers. Non-acceptance is not a reflection on the Stall or Stallholder's quality.

If multiple applications are received offering the same style of menu, the local applicant will be considered first.

All applicants will be notified by email no later than 14th January 2014

If successful, you will receive a notification by email. You will be advised of any additional paperwork required and full payment must be made before final confirmation and stall registration is complete.

In the event your application is unsuccessful, your deposit cheque/money order as well as other supporting information will be returned to you via the post.

Please note: The selection of Stalls are at the absolute and sole discretion of Bluesfest management and all decisions are final. No further correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants.

Terms and Conditions

Whilst on Bluesfest property all stallholders and their staff are required to comply with all Bluesfest site rules, Council regulations and OHS Standards. Police and security will be on site at all times.

Goods Sold 

It is the Bluesfest management dedicated intention to provide a diverse selection of food stalls that do not compete or conflict with each other’s potential sales on site and provide an alternative experience for our patrons. The importance of the information provided in your application is essential to the overall collection of food stalls on site.

Only food and drinks that are listed on the Food Stall Application Form are permitted to be sold. In order to prevent over duplication of food items on menus the Stall Manager has the right to request removal of some items from your menu if required.

Certain suppliers may have exclusive rights and restrictions may apply.

Location on site

Food stalls at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farms are to be concentrated in 3 different areas.The  areas will include a Food Hall in the Crossroads area, another area incorporating caravans and marquees provided by the stallholder in the Mojo and a small area in the North Entry section on site.All food stalls will be based on the following dimensions and charged accordingly. Any other stall sizes required must be clearly outlined in the application and reflected on the graph accompanying your hard copy application.

  • 3 x 3m
  • 3 x 6m
  • 6 x 6m

Any additional areas not included with your application but found on site will be charged at $500psqm and are to be paid for before the festival opens.


Food Hall : Bluesfest will provide basic infrastructure for Food Hall stalls only; areas of 3 x 6m and 6 x 6m in size, consisting of a front service opening, side walls and floor as required within the standard space. A limited non floored area back of house will be available for wash up basins and cool rooms only. All additional space required must be included on the graph provided.All stalls must provide individual washbasins and hand washing facilities as required by Council.

NB:An additional fee has been included in the site fee for Food hall stall  for infrastructure provided.

Non Food Hall: All marquees, floors are to be hired from the preferred site supplier only. See stall manager for prices. No stall will be permitted to trade without flooring. The stall area is defined by your application and the graph must include areas for hand washing and wash up facilities, storage and refrigeration within the stall’s elected boundary.NB:  Tarpaulins are not considered an acceptable form of weather protection.

Any additional area required for non food Hall stalls will be charged at $280.00 per square metre.

Note. The true dimensions of caravans and marquees are important for the set-up of the stalls and may impact on the back of house infrastructure that Bluesfest provides. Your information must be accurately depicted on the graph  and include all intended areas to be used including wash up stations, storage facilities cold rooms and tow bars as the entire measurement.



One or  two shared washbasins will be provided in the service area behind the food stalls. It is the sole responsibility of the stall holder and their staff to maintain and clean this area after each use. Incorrect use of these areas will lead to loss of bond.

Waste Collection

Bluesfest and the Waste removal contractors have implemented an extensive on site waste processing system. Cross contamination of bins destroys this process and makes the exercise futile. Any stall not complying with the waste management programme will be removed from site permanently and forfeit the returnable bond.

Grey Water and Oil Collection

On site grey water and oil waste collection containers are available back of house in each food section on site. Oils and contaminated water should not be poured down sinks.

Electrical equipment

Each year food Stalls suffer from power issues many of which relates to faulty leads and power boards. It is the stallholders responsibility to provide your own lights, leads and power boards fitted with circuit breakers, approved by a registered electrician, tagged and dated. The equipment must be water resistant and maintained above ground at all times.All equipment must be in safe working order and all leads must be tested and tagged by the supplier or owner.Any damage caused by electrical over-consumption/overload or misuse will attract penalties or forfeiture of bond.Please note: The Bluesfest on site Electrician will not repair faulty stall equipment


Power is supplied via generators and distribution boards. The number and output of the generators are based on the user’s consumption as requested on the application. An on site electrical team will assist with any issues once the festival commences only. Any over use of power can shut down the system for a period of time effecting trade for all. Any stallholder found accessing additional power not requested in the application form will forfeit their bond without notice.

In order for the festival to assess its required energy usage, stall holders must include a list of ALL equipment and amp usage with a total maximum of amps required based on 10 and 15 amp circuits. Only the calculated amount of electricity requested by the stallholder will be made available and must be outlined on the provided attachment and forwarded with your hard copy application.

Note: All stalls are asked to keep consumption to the absolute minimum and must not exceed the requested total of power as shown on your application.

Service Roads

Access to basic service roads behind your stall will be available for set up, restocking and pack down only. Parking on or by the service roads is not permissable at any time unless authorised by site management.

Visual Appearance

Please ensure your Stall is colourfully decorated in a way that not only reflects your product, but compliments the festival. Signage must be eligible and colourful. There is no room for bill boards in the tented stall area. The stall must be clean and presentable at all times both in front and back of house areas.


All boundaries of your nominated site must be observed and all goods, equipment and supplies must be displayed and housed within this area. You must not encroach onto walkways with products or bill boards or any other stall holders boundaries.


Whilst on the Bluesfest site all Stall holders and their staff are required to comply with all Council regulations, OHS and Bluesfest site rules. Anything at or around your stall must be securely anchored. All fabric decoration must be flame retardant.All stalls are required to have a dated working fire extinguisher and fire blanket.


Any use of gas canisters must be included within your application and be fitted by an approved gas fitter only and be firmly anchored to the ground within your stalls parameters.


Bluesfest reserves the right to prohibit offensive goods from being sold or displayed on site, and will remove any such material from the stall that may offend or cause trouble with police or infringe copyright.

Bluesfest Management has overall control of signage, material or products sold or displayed at the event.

The unauthorised use of the Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd and East Coast Bluesfest names and logos are prohibited..

Dates and Times

Set-Up: Tues 15th April 2014, times will be allocated individually
Stocking/Restocking Times: 8am - 10am, All cars off site.
Trading Hours: Thurs 17th April, 2pm - 11pm
Fri 18th - Mon 21st April, 11am - 11pm
Final pack down: Tues 2nd April 9am - 4pm


Site Restrictions

Rules and Restrictions

  • Bluesfest has exclusivity for all sales of water and soft drinks throughout the festival.

  • No coffee, tea etc to be sold unless written permission has been obtained

  • The Sale of tobacco or cigarettes is prohibitied

  • No alcohol or drugs to be consumed in or around your stall during set up, the festival or pack down.

  • No glass on site at any time

  • No verbal or abusive behaviour

  • No children under 16 for set up, or pack down

  • No camping within the stall (Accomodation camping $180 per person)

 Site & OHS rules will be provided to you upon entry to the Festival site, however please note the following: 

  •  No parking on site during set-up and pack-up;
  •  No vehicle access allowed during Festival Hours;
  •  No deliveries by truck or forklift;
  •  No driving on grass slopes;
  •  Do not drive faster than walking pace.
  •  On site speed limit must be observed and adhered to at all times;
  •  No overnight stay;
  •  No amplified music;
  •  No pets or livestock.

 Any stallholder that does not adhere to these rules will experience immediate closure of your stall, loss of bond and removal from the site by Festival security and on site police.

Festival Access

You will be provided with your staff wristbands upon arrival and induction to the festival site. It is the Stall Holders responsibility to provide all personnel with their wristbands and copies of the OHS and site rules before the opening of the festival. All staff must carry photo ID and wear the wristbands at all times during the festival. Staff without wristbands will be removed from site. Lost wristbands will not be replaced and repurchase will be required at gate price.


  • Water to be used sparingly at all times.

  • Stall holders must fill own water tanks before arrival.

  • Spoiled water to be collected in Bluesfest provided grey water tanks.

  • Please do not wash anything on the ground - all water must be collected in your grey water tank.

  • Please use biodegradable disinfectant sprays to clean bins.


  • Stalls are required to carry a Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least AUD $10 million and must have the Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd, ABN 76 146 130 501 noted in the policy as an interested party, indicating coverage until after the lead-out of the event.

  • All stall holders must cover their workers with a Work Cover Insurance policy.

  • Copies of the Certificates must be forwarded no later than 14 working days prior to the Festival.

  • It is the responsibility of Stall Holders to possess adequate property damage insurance for own property used at the Festival.


  • Stalls must hold a current Byron Shire Council festival Event Food Stall Holder Permit. For details phone 02- 6626 7000.

  • All Stalls must hold a valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificate.

Byron Shire Council & NSW Fire Department

  • Daily checks will be made of your stall by The Byron Shire Council Environmental Health Officers and the Festival Stalls Manager to ensure all Food stalls comply with the Food standard codes and the NSW Food handling Guidelines for Temporary Events. Any stall that fails to meet the standards required will have their bond retained by the festival.

  • Random inspections will be made by the Fire Department and your equipment will take place  throughout the festival.  Please ensure you have ALL of the correct fire extinguishers for gas, electric and oil. These extinguishers must be dated and tagged.

Food Regulations

  • All Stalls must comply with the Food Standards Code and NSW and North Coast Regional Health regulations and maintain high quality Food Practices at all times.

  • A minimum of one person per food stall must have completed and provide a valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificate as required by  law.

  • Stalls must ensure a safe work environment as per NSW Safety regulations and must comply with Bluesfest onsite OHS policy and procedure.

  • Please read and understand the Byron Shire Council Stall regulations.

  • All stalls must have a fire extinguisher in good working order and fire blankets.

  • Bluesfest accepts no liability for any Stallholder, or stall holder's employee or contractor. All Stall holders are personally responsible and liable for any damage caused by them or their staff to any person or property on site. Stallholders are required to at all times comply with any and all legislative requirements, regulations and industry standard codes of conduct and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd and its associated entities will not be liable for any breaches by Stallholders and or their staff of any such legislation.


  • Stallholders report directly to the Stalls Manager, Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd and to Festival Management;

  • Bluesfest and Council Officers reserve the right to inspect Stall premises at any time and request presentation of all relevant documentation.

  • Security and the Police force with sniffer dogs will be patrolling the site at all times and have authorty to enter your stall or camping on site at any time throughout the festival period including set up and pack down.

  • No alcohol, prohibited drugs, glass or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated within your stall, event site or camping area. Bluesfest and on site police and security will remove any offender from site, shut down all operations of the stall and forfeit bond.


Professional licensed security including night patrols operate 24 hours over the Event (times are adjusted on Set-up and Pack-up days). Stallholders may remove stock/equipment each night and it is suggested you remove valuables.

All effort is made to secure the site but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any person or goods whether or not that loss, damage or injury arises from the negligence of staff or agents of the Bluesfest.


An area for 1 stallholder vehicle will be available on site. Fees and conditions will be advised once your application has been approved. For Festival parking details please visit our website


It is the Stall holder's responsibility to book his/her accommodation. No camping is permitted within your stall. An area will be set aside for Stall Holders to camp in but is subject to availability. The reduced fee of $180.00 applies per person for 5 nights and must be booked through this application process. Early booking is essential.

Meal vouchers

Festival staff will receive meal vouchers to the value of $9.00 (2 x $4.50 certified tickets) daily for exclusive use at the Food stalls.

Stalls are requested to accept these vouchers and submit them, at the end of the festival, for reimbursement from Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd.

Fees and Charges

Food Stall Fees are based on the stall size, are subject to change and are listed in the Food Application Forms.

Stallholder Tickets

Stall owners are offered four  5-day passes included in the site fees. Extra staff will be charged the fee as per the scale included in the application form. Please note tickets are not refundable.

Electrical Power

Charges are based on the total maximum consumption of the stall as described and calculated in the Application from.

Garbage Fee

Included in the Stall fee.


Are required from all stalls and is due at time of application in the form of a cheque. Once the application is successful the Bond will be held with the application. In the case of an unsuccessful application the cheque will be returned, together with the supporting material.

At the end of the festival the Site and Stall Managers will inspect the stall areas and provide a report indicating the release of the Bond. Any forfeiture of Bond or deducted fines will be explained in writing.


Stall holders are requested to maintain a reliable Email and/or telephone connection. Delayed response to urgent matters may cause deletion from the Stallholders list.


Tax invoices will be issued by Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd for payment and will be sent to you via email. EFT details will be provided at that time.

Please make any cheque payable to Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd and mail to:

The Stalls Manager
P.O. Box 1606
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481

Note: Bond by cheque ONLY

Full payment is required before 14th February 2014


(I) Any cancellations by Stallholders after application and up to 30 days prior to the festival will result in the Bond being retained.

(ii) Any cancellations by Stallholders less than 30 days prior to the festival will result in forfeiture of the Bond and an additional 50% of the total site fee.

If a Stallholder is unable, due to weather or any other force majeure event, to conduct and operate their stalls, Bluesfest has no liability or obligation to refund their Bond or Stall fees.


In the event of a breach of any of the terms and conditions contained herein Bluesfest reserves the right to terminate this agreement forthwith and take possession of the stall area without notice to you.

Bluesfest Management reserves the right to cancel or expel any Stallholder or Stallholders' staff at any time.

Complete Food Stalls Application Now


Please read through the Overview & Terms and Conditions carefully before beginning your application via the link at the base of this page. 


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