Byron Bay Bluesfest

Thurs 24 March to Mon 28 March 2016
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Bluesfest is proud to support the following charities:


Bluesfest Team with The Uncle Project

Past Years Charities

Foreword by Peter Noble on Charities

Bluesfest is always responsive to charitable groups, as diverse as kindergartens through to hospices, as well as musicians who have fallen on hard times. We regularly donate tickets to fundraising campaigns.

We have had fundraising concerts and given a portion of the profit to groups such as Jarjum Playground, Nelson Mandela’s 4664 foundation and victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka. Our fundraising for Tsunami victims raised over $130,000. We have provided, in direct action in Sri Lanka, emergency tent covers in the first instance for victims. as well as building 22 houses.
The Beach Hotel in Byron Bay was directly involved with our Tsunami fundraising, and Lance Innes, a Byron Bay local, volunteered and went to Sri Lanka to supervise the buildings.

Our major charity fundraising over the past Fifteen years has been the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and through guitar raffles at the Festival, kindly donated by Gibson Guitars and signed by artists performing, are proud to have raised over $424,000.00 to date. We have provided the Byron Bay Surf Club with an ongoing commitment to pay for the Emergency Beach Rescue Vehicle which we replace it every four years, allowing Life Savers the opportunity to access any part of the beach quickly and rescue people in distress. We always work with local groups such as Byron Bay Youth Service who have raised approximately $20,000 over three years.

Byron Bay Hospital Pink Ladies raised over $8,000 over four years, Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter raised over $3,000 and Starlight Foundation raised in 2007 over $2,500.

Other groups include the Uncle & Aunty Programs and Coorabell Public School as well as numerous others.

We have also become involved in a Thai Orphanage, Yaowawit in Kampong, Thailand as well as African Leaf in Nairobi, Kenya. Both have a Byron Bay connection and we will continue to support them.

The biggest recipients of monies in the region have been the Byron Bay Rugby League Club, and through our yearly association raised over a million dollars in ground rentals. Local schools, St. Finbarrs Catholic School and Byron Bay High School, raised approximately $300,000 and $450,000 respectively in the last eleven years through event car parking. The Performance Arts Centre at Byron Bay High School was greatly funded in this manner.

Bluesfest is proud of the work we do with Charities. Our aim is to bring awareness to good causes through money raising activities.

Our charity work is an important element of Bluesfests social responsibility and it is our continuous quest to increase public awareness, so that public attitudes become more sympathetic and supportive.


Cystic Fibrosis Guitar Raffle 2015

Once again, Bluesfest held the Cystic Fibrosis Guitar Raffle! Total funds raised at Bluesfest 2015 is a whopping $50,000 making the amount raised to date an impressive $424,000! 

The lucky winners of the 2015 Cystic Fibrosis Gibson Guitar Raffle @ Bluesfest are:

1st Prize Winning No. 1644 - Mr. P Do, Brisbane, QLD
2nd Prize Winning No 16097 - Mr B Slater, Bracken Ridge, QLD
3rd Prize winning No.  13001 - M/s K Fitzsimmons, Lennox Head, NSW

Thank you to everyone who got involved in this worthy cause! 




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