Sit back, relax, press play and ease into your weekend - our official Bluesfest 2017 highlights video is ready for your viewing pleasure and to top it all off, our Festival Director Peter Noble is also sharing his heartfelt thoughts with you.
5 May 2017
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Our Bluesfest Highlights Finale Video has arrived!
Peter Noble talks about the past, present & future!
All 5 Day Early Bird tickets on sale & selling fast!


Sit back, relax, press play and ease into your weekend - our official Bluesfest 2017 highlights video is ready for your viewing pleasure and to top it all off, our Festival Director Peter Noble is also sharing his heartfelt thoughts with you.

For those who attended Bluesfest 2017 - enjoy this trip down memory lane and share it with your loved ones!

If you didn't make it to this year's festival, we hope this video gives you a little insight into the magic of Bluesfest.

As you will soon see, Bluesfest is clearly the only place to be at Easter, if you haven't purchased tickets for 2018 - keep reading further down to see the awesome savings available right now!


Festival Director Peter Noble shares his thoughts!


Well, the last note has been played for Bluesfest 2017, at both our site and on our tours.

And, didn't we celebrate? The musicians played their hearts out, and many thousands of people had a memorable time.

Thank you - this was a great Bluesfest, and touring season.

An army of people worked hard to present our beloved event.

We coordinated the travel, and booked hotels, which resulted in hundreds of rooms occupied nightly. Our drivers picked up every artist and their crew and got them to the shows on time, and back to their hotels for valuable sleep, and airport connections. Our catering on site fed hundreds of people every day, as a Bluesfest army literally needs to be nourished with great food.

Our communications systems worked, because the professionals involved made them work to the standard needed.

Our car park attendants got the cars parked with a minimum of fuss, and our traffic control got everyone out of the car parks in an acceptable time. Our public transport system worked.


Our ecologists checked that our wildlife was not endangered. Our camping crew worked long hours with a smile.

Our volunteers were brilliant, and our greeters made the artists feel welcome as they showed them to their dressing rooms along a red carpet, regularly strewn with rose petals.

The production team were faultless, and many flew in from all over the world to once again shine on their 'favourite festival'.

Our bar staff worked long hours, and their support team worked hard to keep the bar stocked.

The food stalls were varied and nourishing. The market stalls wonderful.

Our gate teams were welcoming, and our security low key and friendly.

Our field hospital gave first class care.

Our management teams in recycling, touring, site management, marketing, social media, sponsorship, visas, travel, office management, accounting, payments, reception, contracts, cleaner, ground maintenance and every other area were exemplary.


Our suppliers and contractors were simply brilliant.

It is all of these hundreds of people who gave their all that make Bluesfest the event it is, and without them, we simply don't have an event.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you, our beloved audience.

I met many of you during the festival, and at the outside shows.

I wish I could shake each of your hands, give you a hug, and say: "Your support has given us all a wonderful creative life and career. You are magnificent"

Today we ask you to consider buying your tickets for Bluesfest 2018...

We will be excited to do it all over again.


We do this because we love it.

We work the long hours without complaint.

And when it's all over, we are our administration manager Jess said: “Let's do it again next weekend”.

Well, maybe not THAT soon.

BUT, I'll tell you just one thing.

We WILL be working on bringing you once again...the very best music festival that we possibly can, with every intention of making it the best one ever.

Because that is how we do things around here.

All 5 day early bird tickets are now on sale.

They are your opportunity to invest in us, and make your Bluesfest 2018 commitment now.

They are a bargain, and they won't be on sale for longer than a limited time.

Please join us as we do it again.

With great love, professionalism and creativity



All 5 Day Early Bird Tickets on sale now

All 5 day tickets went on sale Wednesday this week and are already selling through the roof!

Bluesfest usually takes a while to sell out of tickets, but oh boy, at this rate, things will be a whole lot different this year.

Here is the big selection of enticing tickets on sale now:

5 Day Festival Ticket Type

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18 & above

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6 - 14

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15 - 17

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15 - 17

5 Day VIP Adult




18 & above

Note: All 5 day festival tickets are 'Season Passes' and festival entry only. VIP tickets are in addition to your Festival & Camping entry. Buddy packs are 2 x Youth / Adult Festival & Camping Tickets with $60 discount.

5 Day Camping Type

Early Bird Price

Full price saving

Adult & Youth



Glamping for 2 people



Glamping for 3 people



Tent Motel - 2 People



Tent Motel - 3 People



16ft Tipi (max 3 People)



18ft Tipi (max 3 People)



18 Ft Tipi (max 5 People)



Camper Trailer And Car Site (6m)



Large Vehicle Camping (7.5m)



Extra Large Vehicle Camping (9.5m)



Note: Glamping, Tent Motel, Tipis, Camper Trailer & Car, Large & Extra Large Vehicle Camping tickets are in addition to your 5 Day Festival Ticket and 5 Day Camping Ticket.

For more info on all tickets click here.

See ticket prices


Your friendly Bluesfest Team, who are always happy to take your call on:

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