Byron Bay Bluesfest

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Thursday 2 April to Monday 6 April 2015
Bluesfest wins 2010 Australian Event of the Year!

Bluesfest 2014

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The Venue

Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm

Lot 103, 104, 105 Pacific Hwy Tyagarah NSW
Byron Bay
NSW 2481

Contact Details
Phone: + 61 2 6685 8310
Mobile: + 61 2 6685 8310


We are very excited about the upcoming Bluesfest over the Easter Long weekend in 2014, as it will mark our 25th silver anniversary. What a special weekend it will be and we hope that you can join us for this legendary weekend. (Thu 17 - Mon 21 April)

The 25th anniversary will also mark the 5th year of being at our permanent home at Tyagarah - even more reason to celebrate. The move out to the Tea Tree Farm was a dream that finally came true in 2010 for the 21st anniversary, after seeking a permanent home since 1996.

Tyagarah Tee Tree Farm is nestled on 120 hectares, just 11 kilometres north of Byron Bay and 8 kilometres south of Brunswick Heads. It is an operational Tea Tree Farm for most of the year and turns into a Bluesfest site for a few weeks before, during and after the Easter Festival weekend.

For the first time in October 2013 the site has been used for the brand new Boomerang Festival which attrracted 5,000 attendances over the October long weekend (4th to 6th) and this inaugral Festival will be the first of many to come. For more info on Boomerang Festival please go to

Further information on Bluesfest:

In addition to the 7 performance stages, 5 licensed bars, 50+ market stalls, 40+ food stalls we make sure everyones needs are catered for at Bluesfest, not just the musical ones.

About our wildlife:

Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm's Koalas

Like Bluesfest itself, the Koala is an international icon. Koalas are still widely distributed throughout the north east of New South Wales. Increasingly however they are under pressure from human occupation. Coastal populations in particular are at risk from habitat destruction, disease, road strikes, predation by dogs and even wildfire. The species is listed vulnerable to extinction.

The presence of koalas and the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat are privileges which bring responsibilities. Bluesfest takes these responsibilities very seriously and is developing a management strategy which includes monitoring the animals movement, health status and fecundity.

Being arboreal marsupials, koalas live out their lives in trees. Where their habitat is fragmented, which is the case with the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm they are forced to spend more time on the ground moving between trees. This is when their exposure to accidents and attack by predators increases. Koala survival therefore relies on responsible personal behaviour.

Please note that Bluesfest is a no-dogs event (although the presence of security, sniffer and guide dogs is permitted). Driving on-site must be limited to 8kph in carpark areas and 10kpm in all other areas. Signed Ecologically Sensitive Areas are off-limits.

Bluesfest Koala Protocol

During the Festival an ecologist and staff from the University of Queensland will be present to provide assistance in the event of a koala encounter.

Koalas are distributed throughout the Bluesfest site and they are not as sedentary as we make out. They can move around at any time of the day and night but are especially active around dusk, early evening and early morning.
We are interested in knowing about sightings of koalas going about their business but we are more interested in koalas requiring intervention due to disease, stress or potentially unsafe locations. Such an animal may be sitting on the ground unresponsive to your presence; its coat may be rough and brown or it may have brown staining on its rump and or crusty red eyes.


  • Please don't draw unnecessary attention to the animals
  • Preferably stay at the point of observation until assistance arrives, keeping a reasonable distance. If that is not possible then please clearly mark the tree/spot where you saw the koala
  • If a crowd congregates, encourage calm and quiet to minimise stress to the koala
  • Do not interfere with the animal in any way. Koalas can bite and scratch

Thanks for your co-operation!


Work never stops on our land. We do work all year round to add improvements and infrastructure. Our goal is to create a Festival home, which offers all the comforts of a permanent Festival site, but at the same timekeeping it natural and green. We are well on track on achieving this in the future.

Let's not forget: We could not do this without you.

Thank you for all the support.

We look forward to welcoming you back for Bluesfest 2014- our 25th Anniversary!


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Boomerang Festival

Boomerang Festival Early Bird Tickets are available NOW. 4th- 6th of October 2014, held at Bluesfest’s home, the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm.

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If camping is not the thing for you but you would like to stay in the area then please check out Byron Bay Accom on or call 02 6680 8666.